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The 12th Congress of Czech Historians
A professional meeting of historians of the Czech Republic
20–22 September 2022 in Ústí nad Labem

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to the 12th meeting of a community of Czech historians, which this time will take place in Ústí nad Labem on September 20-22, 2022. In cooperation with  Sdružení historiků ČR (Association of Historians of the Czech Republic), the Department of History and the Department of Archival Science and Auxiliary Sciences of History of the Faculty of Arts of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem will participate in its organization. Not only historians from academic and other expert workplaces are invited to the university campus, but also colleagues from related fields or history teachers.

We would like to build on all previous meetings that have a long tradition. At the same time, we would like to respond to how recently not only historical, but all humanities disciplines have been marginalized within the system of evaluation and financing of science. That is why we have chosen topics for the plenary session of the congress with which we would like to emphasize the irreplaceable role of history and historical research in the context of the humanities and their significance for society:

  • The Importance of Humanities Education in History
  • Three Decades of Historical Research in the Czech Republic
  • History in Public Space. Neutrality, Instrumentalization, and Application

The Ústí meeting will be based on proven congress concepts and will also offer, with respect to the pluralistic nature of historical research, the possibility of free panels, the topics of which will arise from a community of historians. In addition to the traditional announcement of the Josef Pekař Award, you can also look forward to a doctoral poster section, lectures and a special section for foreign guests, workshops for history teachers, and a rich accompanying programme. Its goal will be not only to show guests the often hidden beauties of the city of Ústí nad Labem, but also to present it as an exceptional, not excluded location. Part of the accompanying programme will be the opportunity to see the exhibition Naši Němci (Our Germans).

We believe that although we are still facing a global pandemic during the preparations for the congress, next year the meeting will take place freely, without restrictions, or emergency measures.

We look forward to seeing you in Ústí nad Labem!


Organization Committee:

Fakulty of Arts of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita J. E. Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem)

  • Doc. PhDr. Václav Drška, Ph.D.
  • Prof. PhDr. Michaela Hrubá, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Stanislava Musilová, Ph.D. (LEXIKON)
  • Mgr. Táňa Šimková, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. David Tomíček, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Tomáš Velička, Ph.D.
  • Doc. Mgr. Martin Veselý, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Vilém Zábranský, Ph.D.

Association of Czech Historians

  • Prof. PhDr. Martin Holý, Ph.D.
  • Prof. PhDr. Michaela Hrubá, Ph.D. 
  • Prof. PhDr. Jiří Kocian, CSc.
  • Doc. PhDr. Václav Ledvinka, CSc.
  • Doc. Mgr. Tomáš Malý, Ph.D.
  • Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Pánek, DrSc.
  • Doc. PhDr. Marie Ryantová, CSc.
  • Prof. PhDr. Petr Vorel, CSc.

Fakulty of Arts of Palacký University Olomouc (Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci)

  • Doc. Mgr. Radmila Švaříčková Slabáková, Ph.D.

Past Congresses of Czechoslovak/Czech Historians:

  1. sjezd československých historiků, Praha, září 1937
  2. sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 5. – 11. října 1947
  3. sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 16. – 19. září 1959
  4. sjezd československých historiků, Brno, 27. – 29. září 1966
  5. sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 19. – 21. února 1982
  6. sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 9. – 11. února 1989
  7. sjezd českých historiků, Praha, 24. – 26. září 1993
  8. sjezd českých historiků, Hradec Králové, 10. – 12. září 1999
  9. sjezd českých historiků, Pardubice, 6. – 8. září 2006
  10. sjezd českých historiků, Ostrava, 14. – 16. září 2011
  11. sjezd českých historiků. Profesní setkání historiček a historiků České republiky, Olomouc, 13. – 15. 9. 2017


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at:


Připravila Regionální televize Ústecka


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The Lexicon of Czech Historians

As part of the preparation of the 12th Congress of Czech Historians - A Professional Meeting of Historians of the Czech Republic, this year there is also a collection of information for the implementation of another volume of the Lexicon of Czech Historians. The data entered into the database will be linked to the Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands portal of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences.

Database for entering information into the Lexicon of Czech Historians

Cena Josefa Pekaře

Vítězkou 20. ročníku Ceny Josefa Pekaře se stala PhDr. Michaela Žáková, Ph.D. z Historického ústavu AV ČR s knižní publikací "Tereziánský ústav šlechtičen na Pražském hradě".